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Maille Verte Vosgienne

French manufacturer of technical knitwear



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Maille Verte Vosgienne

Maille Verte Vosgienne is a manufacturer of technical knitwear for industry.

Our factory has been around for almost 50 years, working mainly with customers in Europe.

Innovative SMEs or large international groups, MVV supplies the most demanding technical sectors.

Our integration, from knitting to finishing, allows us to control our items with optimal quality, at the right price.

Maille Verte Vosgienne is equipped with a quality control laboratory and a dyeing laboratory. These two laboratories allow us to control our productions on the following characteristics: Weight, width, construction, dynamometric resistance and elongation, washing stability, colorimetry in the cabin and with the spectro-colorimeter.

For more specific tests, we use recognized and accredited laboratories such as CETELOR or IFTH.


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